The Null Shard - Part 1

Not so much of a "how to", more of a "how did"....
I don't usually do much in the way of turning game assets into models, but occasionally something really tickles my fancy and presents me with a real challenge to my skills.
Having played the whole series of "the Room" games, and loved them all, always taken in by the beautiful items you come across (most would be impossible in real life unfortunately) and then came...The Null Shard!
wallpaper from
Having made my own take on the Hellraiser Cube a few years back, I thought this would make a wonderful companion piece in my "Geometries of Hell" shelf, and so I set about trying to make one as a side project.
Where did I start? The usual research - gameplay, screen grabs and thankfully, Fireproof even do their own downloadable papercraft version of the Null shard -
This got me started on a long and often headache inducing ride....
From experience, there was no one process that would tick all the boxes, and experience allowed me to make a whole series of new mistakes. But first I had to decide on a size - I wanted it to fit in a similar cloche jar to my Hellraiser cube so I did some calculations (which would eventually be tweaked when obstacles presented themselves). What followed were many many hours of CAD work to establish the design and patterns using the reference material I had and some imaginative infill.
There were several incarnations of this phase as I had to work on symmetry in places and try and add coherent depth and placement to the engraving patterns.
Finally, I had a result I liked.

On to the next phase...